In business, change is often hard and fraught with risk and uncertainty. For that reason, we support you at each step of your sales transformation process, to set the right strategic direction so you can compete with confidence, knowing you’re on track to win more deals.

Develop an unfair advantage

In the current business environment, as sales quotas continue to rise and buying behaviours evolve, a well-defined sales strategy and detailed plan of attack is critical.

Our mantra is to prioritise change that delivers immediate results, through reducing your cost of sale, increasing your conversion rate or helping you qualify out of sales opportunities more quickly. Our goal is to provide specific and actionable sales intelligence at the individual and team level at every stage of the sales cycle, whilst bringing you closer to the customers you serve.

At Trinity, our sales transformation experience covers a broad range of areas including:

  • Market penetration strategies
  • Lead generation and funnel management expertise
  • Forecast and pipeline management
  • Deal crafting and big deal pursuits
  • Sales enablement and skills development
  • 1:1 sales coaching and mentoring
  • Sales leadership coaching and advisory work.

So what can you expect?

  1. Proven sales strategies and techniques to apply to your sales cycles
  2. The ability to benchmark your sales processes against industry best-practices
  3. A way to better track your pipeline and forecast more accurately
  4. Strategies to improve the success rate of individual sales reps and sales teams
  5. Help demystifying sales and marketing processes

Strategic partnerships

We see partnerships as a natural extension of the value we can provide to you. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, our approach is to focus on those areas where we know we can add the most value to you, and develop strategic partnerships to support those other areas of greatest need.

Do you have any questions about how we can support you with your sales transformation process?

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Drive referrals and customer case studies

Case study – Telecommunications Company

Lack of customer referrals
Very few customer case studies or testimonials
Insufficient Win Loss Analysis candidates

Interview customers and sales team to identify obstacles to new referrals and case studies
Create a training program for sales team to drive Win Loss adoption

Sales team felt uncomfortable asking for referrals and stories
Traditional case studies were too much effort for customers
Charitable component made it far more compelling for sales people and for customers

Created an Impact Program, in conjunction with children’s charity
Tracked referrals and case studies as part of forecast
Built 1 page referral form
Developed sales team script

Significant increase in the number of customer referrals
Huge jump in the number of case studies and testimonials
Very significant financial contribution made to the charity in question

cian mcloughlin
Trinity Perspectives

“I was amazed at the insight that Trinity achieved through their visionary process. The best investment for immediate return that I have made, and something that I would recommend every sales leader to take a look at.”

Greg, Head of Sales Asia
Telecommunications Company

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