Discover why you’re winning and losing business from the one source of truth that matters most: Your customers and prospects.

Trinity’s Win Loss Program is the missing link in your sales process. It removes the guesswork and provides complete clarity into what matters most to your customers.

What is Win Loss Analysis?

Win Loss Analysis is a mechanism to gain a better understanding of why you’re winning and losing the business you pitch for. We speak directly with your customers and prospects, extracting specific, actionable and unbiased feedback about your sales team’s performance in recent competitive sales opportunities. Win Loss Analysis also helps to:

  • Identify the best practices of top performers in your business
  • Highlight how well you performed against the competition in each opportunity
  • Recognise which aspects of your products, people and pitch really resonated with your customers.

Why implement a Win Loss Analysis program?

Taking the time to analyse your winning and losing deals can uncover areas of weakness and missed opportunities in your sales process, plus areas of strength or differentiation you were unaware of. It can also help expose gaps in your competitors’ strategies and attractive niches in your target markets.

Areas where Trinity customers have seen immediate value from Win Loss Analysis include:

  • Improving individual and company-wide competitive win ratios
  • Helping reduce their cost of sale and sales cycle duration (quicker close rates)
  • Increasing revenue growth and market share
  • Discovering the reasons for lost opportunities
  • Increasing their competitive advantage
  • Uncovering sales training and enablement needs
  • Growing the volume of pipeline and increasing referral business.

Trinity’s 5 step Win Loss Analysis approach

Done right, Win Loss Analysis provides specific, actionable, measurable information that can be used to create a trainable, repeatable and customer-focused selling approach.

We can develop and deploy a tailored Win Loss program in as little as 2 days. This enables your organisation to begin collating actionable sales intelligence immediately from key sales cycles and derive meaningful ROI from every single deal.

At Trinity, we’ve designed a 5 Step Framework to reflect our process:

Step 1: Discovery Phase
Evaluation of which customers
to talk to and collection of contact information


Step 2: Build Phase
Create quantitative surveys and
qualitative interview questions for customers


Step 3: Customer Experience
Conduct interviews and
extract key insights and learnings


Step 4: Customer Insight
Consolidate insights, create
Win Loss reports and identify enablement targets


Step 5: Sales Transformation
Drive strategic change in company
culture, operations, systems and outcomes


Do you want to remove the guesswork and improve your win rate?

Win Loss creates a template for success

Case study – Software Vendor

High value opportunities with high cost
of sale, but little understanding
of wins and losses

Implement Win Loss program:
Sales rep survey
Buyer survey
Buyer interviews
Findings and Recommendations Report

Quality and credibility of sales and delivery team
Strategic partnering to plug gaps in the solution
Established themselves as experts and trusted adviser

Create a dedicated bid management function in the business
Place more emphasis on partnering strategy in the sales process
Bring delivery team in earlier to create credibility

Increased number of successful bids through insights received
6 point increase in win rate against top competitors
100% year-over-year growth

cian mcloughlin
Trinity Perspectives

“What Trinity helped us do is much, much better understand why we were successful. Often the insights were surprising, where the customer valued something that perhaps we didn’t even value ourselves. Now we can make better decisions around the work we pursue and the work we qualify out of.”

Stuart, CEO
Software Vendor

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